Inviting quotation for Computer its Accessories Ref No . JRM-82-msd-2024
  Inviting quotation for Desktop in Library
 Inviting quotation for Steel Book Rack Ref No. JRM-79-msd-2024
 Inviting quotation for Smart Board Ref No: JRM-76-msd-2024
 Inviting quotation for Digital visualiser Ref No : JRM-75-msd-2024
 Inviting quotation for Desktops Ref no : JRM -74-msd-2024
 Notice Inviting quotation for Lcd Projectors Ref no JRM-73-msd-2024
 Re-Tender Notice (2nd Time) inviting Quotation for Steel Sataff Locker Cabinet
 Re-Tender (2nd Time) Notice for wooden Chair Ref No. jrm-63-msd-2024
 Inviting Quotation for Desktops Ref. JRM-70-msd-2024
 Inviting Quotation For Wooden Chair Ref No .JRM-63-msd-2024
 Notice in vitinf Quotation for Staff Locker Cabinet Ref. no JRM-62-msd-2024
  Notice Inviting quotation for Desktops Ref,No .JRM-61-msd-2024
  Inviting Quotation for Server Computer (2nd Time) Ref No. JRM-55-msd-2024
  Inviting Quotation for CCTV Camera 2nd Time Ref JRM-52-msd-2024
  Notice Inviting Quotation for Long Wooden Tables Ref No . JRM-57-msd-2024
  Inviting Quotation for Desktop Ref.No jrm-56-msd-2024
  Tender Notice Inviting Quotation for Server Computer D.O.P - 04-05-2024
  Quotation for Battery (2nd Time ) Dop :29-04-2024
  Quotation for CCTV cameras Dop : 30-04-2024
  Notice inviting Quotation for Almirah Dop- 29-04-2024
  Quotation for Battery Dop: 19-04-2024
  Notice Inviting Quotation for 3D Campus Mapping with Campus Navigation_0001 :22-04-2024
  college canteen dop :22-04-2024
 Re-Tender (2nd Time) notice Inviting Quotation for Desktops dop : 19-04-2024
 Notice for Quotation of Colour Printer Dop : 19-04-2024
 Notice inviting Quotation for A laptop for Principal Dop : 19-04-2024
  Notice for Inviting Quotation for Desktops DOP 08-04-2024
  Re-tender (2nd Time) Notice Inviting quotation for a laptop dop :08-04-2024
  Quotation For CANNON PIXMA G3770 Dop 06/04/2024
  Notice (2nd time ) Inviting Tender Quotation for LCD Projector Dop 02-04-2024
  Notice Inviting tender Quotation For LCD Projector Dop : 23-03-2024
  Re-Tender (3rd & The Last time ) notice Inviting Quotation for a Laptop Ref No .JRM-12-msd-2024 DT.13-03-2024